JAMES HEAL - ElastAbrasion
“ElastAbrasion is an exceptionally designed, precision engineered instrument developed by James Heal, an international engineering company based in the UK. It is used in the field of abrasion technology to determine the resistance to frictional loss of elastomer products. The instrument offers significant levels of authenticity, accuracy, productivity and cost effectiveness combined with incomparable safety and ease of use.
For More Details : http://www.james-heal.co.uk


The design expertise at James Heal and their understanding of abrasion testing has enabled them to develop a technology solution that more accurately reflects the true multidirectional motion and real life scenario of a vehicle than current Rotary Abrasion Testers.

The key highlight features of ElastAbrasion include four test stations which allow users to test samples simultaneously to increased productivity, and the expertly designed hinged top-plate also facilitates easy access to the test stations for easy set-up and test management.

It has been designed to significantly reduce cost per test in comparison with currently industry standard practices and importantly a clean working environment and operator safety was a key design element of this instrument, which we believe ensures it to be the safest instrument available in the world used for this end-use.”

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